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Erica helps today's leaders attract and retain top talent by honoring relationships. Welcome to the modern workplace.

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The Retention Revolution

Learn how to retain employees by keeping them connected to your company!

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    Transform your company into workplace magic with the power of rituals!

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    “Erica’s done it again! She’s now paired her knack for human engagement with healthy workplace rituals to make everyone’s days that much brighter!”

    Katie Couric, journalist and bestselling author 
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    A best-selling manual for leaders, managers, employees of all ages and across industries.

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    “In an age of disruption and rapid technological change, there’s a growing desire for meaning and authenticity at work.”

    Dorie Clark, bestselling author and adjunct professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

    Learn how to retain employees and keep them happy.

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    ”The Retention Revolution lays out the best ideas and the coolest innovations in management that came out of the pandemic period. A must-read for staying ahead of the curve."

    George W. Taylor Professor of Management, Director - Center for Human Resources The Wharton School, and Professor of Education University of Pennsylvania

Keynotes, Strategy, and Human Leadership Coaching

Are you looking for the right person to coach your employees and guide your business during these uncertain times? Erica helps companies and organizations bring their human to work.

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Erica on Live with Kelly and Ryan: Erica shares her thoughts about the power of rituals for “Live’s Winter Wellness Week.”

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Erica on Good Morning America: How to Establish Healthy Rituals for a New Start in 2021

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HBR – Managers are really having a moment. Between the Great Resignation, a lingering pandemic, employees demanding flexibility, skyrocketing mental health challenges, a looming recession, and general uncertainty, more and more employees are turning to their direct supervisors for direction and support. Unfortunately, managers aren’t always prepared to meet their moment because they’re woefully under-trained and overworked while tasked with leading their teams during heightened turbulence. To retain your managers — and the employees who report to them — you need to invest in their development.

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IDEOU – How to Create Powerful Workplace Rituals Rituals can make your workplace more human, further employee engagement, foster a sense of belonging, and help workers connect with one another and their work

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CNBC – Getting workers engaged and in the office again takes empathy and experimentation

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Fortune – CEOs are using return-to-office to fight an ‘erosion’ of culture—but it’s a ‘recipe for resentment’ if done wrong, warns workplace strategist

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