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Erica Keswin is a bestselling author, professional dot-connector, and in-demand speaker for companies around the world. Let her show you how to attract and retain top talent, create a values-driven employee experience, and design a truly human workplace.

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Are you looking for the right person to coach your employees and guide your business during these uncertain times? Erica helps companies and organizations bring their human to work.

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Left to Our Own Devices podcast

Left to Our Own Devices is a podcast that explores how to bring our human to work and life. It all boils down to one simple thing: honoring relationships.

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  • Rituals Roadmap

    Transform your company into workplace magic with the power of rituals!

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    “Erica’s done it again! She’s now paired her knack for human engagement with healthy workplace rituals to make everyone’s days that much brighter!”

    Katie Couric, journalist and bestselling author 
  • Bring Your Human to Work

    A best-selling manual for leaders, managers, employees of all ages and across industries.

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    “In an age of disruption and rapid technological change, there’s a growing desire for meaning and authenticity at work.”

    Dorie Clark, bestselling author and adjunct professor, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

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