5 ways to embrace your humanity in the age of AI

AI was the talk of the town at the Transform HR Conference in Vegas a couple weeks ago. My big takeaway? Guys, it’s here to stay. But so is our humanity—as long as we’re intentional. So if you’re interested in staying ahead of the AI curve (and if you don’t, you’ll definitely be left behind), here […]

Make your time together count

As a workplace strategist over the last 25 years, I’ve come to expect the unexpected. So it doesn’t surprise me that employees who come into the office three, four or even five days a week may still feel isolated and alone. While companies who gather employees three times a year may feel more connected than […]

Cookies won’t cut it

Sephora recently reached the incredible milestone of 10 billion in revenue. And they sent their employees a cookie. Um. No. According to HR Brew, Sephora employees were—rightly—offended and posted things like, “When your employer makes $10 billion…and all you get is a damn cookie.” And: “They are always coaching us to meet our goals and expectations, […]