A few of my favorite (human) things

By Erica Keswin

One of my rituals this time of year is to rewatch The Sound of Music. And of course sing along!

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

Speaking of, these are a few of my favorite (human) things. I wanted to share them with my favorite human (you!), and tell you why they resonated.


  • Power to the Middle by Bill Schaninger, Bryan Hancock, and Emily Field – McKinsey thought leaders illustrate why middle managers are actually your MVPs (a sentiment I share in my own book, The Retention Revolution).
  • To Build a Brave Space by Matthew Gewirtz – Rabbi Matt (my brother in law) shows us how to build a Brave Space: a compassionate place to talk about the hard things.
  • On Brand by Aliza Licht empowers us to shape our own personal brand narrative so that organizations and leaders alike can see our value. In today’s world you can’t afford not to have a personal brand.


  • Modern People Leader – Brothers Daniel and Stephen Huerta interview senior people leaders on how they’re leading today’s workforce. Check out my most recent interview with them!
  • The Exit Interview with Kim Rittberg – This show helps entrepreneurs, founders, coaches, and consultants navigate biz dev and strategy while finding work-life balance. Check out my episode!
  • Flex Perspectives – The future of flex is still in, well…flex! Scoop co-founder and CEO Rob Sadow interviews experts on the changing landscape of flexibility at work. I stopped by a couple months ago to share how to ACE flex for all.

Conferences (to attend in 2024!):

  • Influence Greatness from O.C. Tanner: Sept 17-19, Park City – Experience three inspiring days of workshops, keynotes, and the latest HR insights set in the beautiful Park City, Utah in September (I spoke at IG23 this past year).
  • Transform: March 11-13, Las Vegas – Join me this March in Vegas where I’ll be speaking at Transform 2024, a conference that “sits at the intersection of technology and the people transforming the workplace.”
  • Gloat Live: March 3-5, New York – A summit focused on transformation strategies for talent, skills, and data & AI. I’ll be speaking about how to take professional development personally.


Topics that will be very important in 2024 are upskilling, AI, and internal mobility. Check out these three LinkedIn Learning courses that will give you insight on these important, human topics:

  • Creating Your Internal Mobility Career Plan by Lindsey Pollak
  • Promoting Internal Mobility as a Manager by Alisa Cohn
  • Skills and the Internal Talent Marketplace by Yours Truly!

About Erica

Erica Keswin is an internationally sought-after speaker, bestselling author, and workplace strategist who partners with some of the most well-known companies in the world on how to bring their human to work. For the past two decades, Erica’s work has defined what it means to be a human leader. Erica’s Human Workplace Trilogy: Bring Your Human to Work, Rituals Roadmap, and The Retention Revolution was published by McGraw Hill and each debuted as a Wall Street Journal bestseller. 

When Erica isn’t writing books, she delivers keynotes, leads workshops, and coaches top-of-class companies and individuals to help them improve their performance by honoring relationships in today’s hybrid workplace.

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