Angie Thurston and
Casper ter Kuile

Soothe Your Soul with Rituals with Angie Thurston and Casper ter Kuile of Sacred Design Lab

We all have the basic human needs of meaning, connection and purpose. While in the past, these needs were often met through religious institutions, the reality is we’re seeing less and less participation in organized religion. But those basic human needs built around community remain. Enter Angie Thurston and Casper ter Kuile, co-founders of the Sacred Design Lab, a “soul-centered research and development lab.” Angie and Casper work with various organizations to “develop products, programs, and experiences that ground people’s social and spiritual lives.” They joined Erica on the show to talk about their work and how it’s evolved in Covid times. If you’re struggling with how to bring deeper meaning and purpose to your organization, this one’s for you!



4:20 – “We’re spending more and more with the people at the very heart of our circle—the people we live with most predominantly—and a lot of those outer circles have fallen away—acquaintances, maybe even strangers we share a sweet moment with. So some of the relational needs we have right now in the pandemic, in order to stay safe, are new things to do with the people we spend all our time with and unstructured serendipitous ways in which we can interact with strangers, obviously at a safe distance or digitally. And you can’t schedule that. So that’s quite a tricky thing in terms of gathering. I think we’re really missing that sense of connecting to others in these kind of sweet, serendipitous moments.”

15:29 –  “How are people already congregating? What are the moments in which, you know, could be as small as celebrating birthdays or milestones or coming together to mourn something that’s gone horribly wrong, and then to develop that and give it some structure and formality.”


9:37 –  “That’s a big feature of what ritual can do, right, is to help mark experience, to give it a beginning and an end and to allow us to each have our own personal experience but to externalize it together.”

10:42 –  “We talk about these needs for meaning and connection and purpose as soul needs. We often use three B’s to describe them. We call them belonging, becoming and beyond. So belonging has to do with knowing and being known, loving and being loved. Becoming has to do with growing into the people we’re called to be. And beyond is that connection to something greater than ourselves.”



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