Marissa Andrada

A Pandemic Success Story with Marissa Andrada, Chipotle’s Chief Diversity, Inclusion and People Officer

When Covid hit, many businesses struggled. Some even closed. But for Chipotle, business has been booming. And it’s no surprise as to why (besides the delicious food, of course) when you ask their Chief Diversity, Inclusion and People Officer, Marissa Andrada. Which is exactly what Erica did for this week’s episode. Andrada shares how everything Chipotle does is based on their values, which reinforce their purpose to cultivate a better world. And these values have led the charge in Covid times when they were making decisions around everything from hazard pay, to recognition ceremonies, to weekly lunch rituals. As Andrada so aptly puts it, “people-first decisions are all about how we take care of our people throughout this time.” Listen to this week’s episode to hear a pandemic success story, made possible because of a commitment to values and people first.


“We spent a lot of time as a leadership team defining who we are and what it is that we stand for. So our purpose is cultivating a better world. And then we defined some values, which I think come, not only from the 25-year history of Chipotle (at the time), but also personally as leaders—what we value. What our morals are.”

“At the end of the day, people-first decisions are all about how we take care of our people throughout this time.”

“Relationships are so important that it’s not just about what you see on the outside, I think it really is about getting to understand people, especially if they’re different from you.”

“If people can’t bring their best selves to work, how are they really contributing to their fullest? How are they really delivering in the way that they want to?”


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