Randi Zuckerberg

A Guide to Quarantine Citizenship with Randi Zuckerberg

What happens when the woman who literally wrote the book on how to manage screen time hits quarantine with her kids? You guessed it! Meet Randi Zuckerberg, entrepreneur, producer, radio show host, investor, and Broadway star, and listen to her share her struggles as even she can’t follow her own best advice. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t figured out new ways to help her kids be good online citizens. Don’t miss Erica and Randi chatting about quarantine and the challenges Randi’s family is facing with screens, homeschooling, and how to use tech meaningfully. Erica and Randi discuss the rituals Randi’s (already) remote team uses to stay connected, and how they’re pivoting in COVID times. They also talk about her involvement in a new crowdfunding platform, PledgeCamp, and how it’s transparent, blockchain technology ensures that funders know exactly where their money is going. Randi’s one of those people who is so upbeat but real at the same time—she’ll leave you smiling and wanting to join her family’s bedtime dance parties.


2:59 – “I think so many of us as adults have very complicated feelings, professionally and personally about this lockdown, but I actually think our children might remember this as some of the best time of their lives.”

5:47 – “A few weeks ago [my son] had never even opened a computer. And now it’s almost expected that in a few weeks, he’s learned perfect online etiquette and balance.”

16:24 – “Our lives are full of rituals these days. On Friday night we eat dessert before dinner…it started several years ago—that’s how we decided to celebrate Shabbat. I wanted to find a way to have the kids look forward to the end of the week. Monday afternoon now, we call it ‘Garbage Lunch,’ and what I mean by that is, Tuesday mornings we get our Instacart deliveries so on Monday, I’ve got to get rid of everything that’s almost expiring in the fridge. The kids have no idea what they’re gonna get. They might get a piece of chocolate cake and yogurt and avocado. We laugh about it.”


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