Lindsey Pollak
(interviewing Erica)

Surprise! It’s Erica’s turn to be interviewed by multigenerational workplace expert, Lindsey Pollak about Erica's new book, Rituals Roadmap, OUT NOW

On this episode of Left to Our Own Devices, the tables have been turned! In honor of the launch of Erica’s new book, Rituals Roadmap, Erica sits down on the other side of the interview hot seat with author and multigenerational workplace expert, Lindsey Pollak. On this episode, Erica and Lindsey discuss Erica’s career journey, the moment Erica decided to write the second book (at an Italian restaurant over a glass of red wine), as well as how we can tell what a ritual is, how rituals have anchored leaders and companies in these turbulent times, and a little about Erica’s own rituals.

ANNOUNCEMENT!!: Erica’s second book, Rituals Roadmap: The Human Way to Transform Everyday Routines into Workplace Magic is available NOW! Grab your copy wherever books are sold.


“[A ritual is] something in your life, that if it didn’t happen—that day or that week or that month—something would just feel really off. There would be a void if it didn’t happen. The second piece of the definition is, a ritual is something that goes beyond its practical purpose.”

“How do you transition from work to home when all you have to do is roll over from one room to the next room…we’re rethinking so much about these rituals and missing them.”

“Rituals can help bring some structure to how we’re going to continue to connect.”

“Rituals don’t have to cost anything. Rituals are accessible to anyone. Doesn’t make it easy necessarily, but it takes intention and discipline to think about how you might incorporate rituals into your life personally, into your team. Focusing on rituals externally, in terms of client and business development. I think that’s the beauty of it—that they’re accessible to all of us.”


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