Joe Camberato

Culture Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated with Joe Camberato, Founder and CEO of National Business Capital

From a one-man business consultant working out of a spare bedroom in 2007 to a team of 100 employees, 1 billion dollars secured in business financing, and a leading fintech marketplace for small businesses, Joe Camberato—or, Grow By Joe, as he’s known on the internet—knows a thing or two about growth. Which makes sense, because Joe’s mission is to help drive growth, both for clients and employees. So how does he do it? This week on the podcast, Joe Camberato, founder and CEO of National Business Capital, speaks with Erica about how to build a business from scratch. And the secret for Joe is to harness the power of culture. And culture doesn’t have to be overcomplicated, but it does have to be experienced. Joe discusses NBC’s team rituals, like the 9:01 AM daily stretch that gets everyone centered for the day, how they build fun into the day-to-day work, how their culture team intentionally crafts events and resources for the company, and why leaders should let people have the flexibility they need to deal with stuff going on in their lives—we’re all human after all. Listen in for a straightforward approach to bringing fun back to work.


“If you’re having a tough time getting people to come back, I think it’s a really good time to relook at your business and your culture. People want more today than just a place to show up to work. They want a fun environment and companies that bring more to the table.”

“How do you explain culture? It’s not an easy thing to explain. I feel like you really have to experience it and see it and witness it. One word is fun. We talk about this all the time…there’s not a rule book that says you can’t have a fun time in the office; you can’t have fun while doing your work. And it’s not just all about having fun. We hold ourselves highly accountable…It’s about work/life integration.”

“We’re not so stiff and stuff with things. We respect and understand things happen in people’s lives. If something comes up or something happens, I’m not worried about, are they using their PTO day for that? I really don’t care. If it’s a life thing go figure it out, go handle it, go do it.”


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