Andy Biga

Because People are Your Business with Andy Biga, Chief People Officer of GoHealth Urgent Care

Something as simple as asking, “How was your day?” can make a huge impact. That’s what the people at GoHealth Urgent Care learned when they began a simple but powerful ritual: an End Of Day report from each of their healthcare clinics summarizing the day. This brief email summary has kept everyone at GoHealth connected and energized, especially during the relentless slog of the pandemic. On this week’s episode Erica sits down with Andy Biga, GoHealth’s Chief People Officer, to chat about the EOD as well as how they’ve been staying resilient in an overwhelming time for healthcare providers. Hint: it involves great people and great relationships to keep the whole thing running smoothly.


“Relationships are the foundational piece of how you learn and grow.”

“People are your business, right? From an HR perspective I don’t know what’s more important than that.”

“If the customers feel like they had a positive interaction with a provider, on a relationship-based experience, they’re more likely to follow that provider’s directions.”


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