In this course…

You’ll learn how to create psychological safety, reinforce purpose, and increase performance across your organization—yes, even during these turbulent times. Each module will last 75 minutes and include the following:

  • An opening and closing ritual led by Erica
  • Erica’s exclusive lecture, including insider’s views of how successful brands have THRIVED during the pandemic—takeaway central!
  • One intimate peer group with other leaders you can relate to
  • A debrief/ask-me-anything with Erica
  • Practical steps for creating your very own *Human Action Plan*

Here are just some of the problems you’ll address…

  • Your workforce is still deep in a wellness crisis
  • Managers are experiencing mounting expectations, pressure, and stress
  • Onboarding new employees is uneven and complicated
  • Equity is out of whack with some in the office and others at home
  • You’re mired in practical details and don’t have time for strategy
  • You want to help your teams move from languishing (to use Adam Grant’s word) to flourishing, but don't know how

This is how you’ll solve these problems:

  • Crack the code on how some of the most successful companies have THRIVED during the pandemic
  • Draft your very own *Human Action Plan* to create your own success based on the science and stories of successful businesses AND build a toolkit for how to execute your plan
  • Join a bespoke community of like-minded leaders for ongoing support and accountability

By the end of your six session program, you’ll feel…

  • In-the-know about how successful companies navigate turbulent times
  • Prepared to bring your human to work (whether you are in person, at home or anywhere in between)
  • Confident that you can manage the chaos
  • Connected to leaders just like you
  • Ready to rock the hybrid revolution

Calendar Of Sessions (all to be recorded in case you have to miss one)

  • Kickoff LIVE Session #1: Wednesday, September 22th 12-1:30pm ET How to Bring Your Human to Work
  • Live Session #2: Wednesday, October 6th 12-1:15pm ET Let Your Values Drive You
  • Live Session #3 Wednesday, October 20th 12-1:15 pm ET Communicate, communicate, communicate!
  • Live Session #4 Wednesday, November 3rd 12-1:15 pm ET Design Your Own Rituals Roadmap
  • Live Session #5 Wednesday, November 17th 12-1:15 pm ET Invite and Include with Intention
  • Live Session #6 Wedensday, December 8th 12-1:30 pm ET Take Professional Development Personally & Tidying up PARTY

Five reasons this leadership course is different from all other courses

  • You’ll be taught by Erica Keswin, a two-time WSJ Bestselling author and internationally sought-after speaker who has been gathering the science and stories of successful human workplaces for over two decades, and who also happens to be a professional dot-connector and world-class networker.
  • Your focus will be on designing and navigating your very own *Human Action Plan* for success instead of simply skimming the surface of statistics and exercises.
  • You’ll engage IRL (virtually, but in real time) with leaders like you as well as Erica, a recognized expert in designing relationship-centered, fair, inclusive—even fun—workplaces.
  • Instead of passively learning the latest science behind what makes a workplace human and connected, you’ll actually see for yourself how rituals, professional development, and leading with your values will transform your business.
  • After six weeks of engaging, informative, actionable learning, you’ll walk away with a community of like-minded leaders who can keep you on the human path.

Praise of Erica as a teacher and leader in the human revolution

The workplace is changing with new faces, new technology, and new expectations. Few are better positioned to speak, write, and consult on the convergence of these forces than Erica Keswin. If you’re looking for a trusted advisor who can help you understand where things are and where they’re going in the new world of work, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Erica.”

Bloomberg LP

Erica has been an innovator in the human capital space for over 20 years. Her latest research into how technology is changing relationships, quality of life and employee engagement in the workplace is truly ground-breaking and is having a real impact on organizational performance. Erica has come up with a number of insightful approaches to help organizations address all aspects of the employee value proposition which includes retention, productivity and job satisfaction. I would highly recommend engaging Erica for any organization that is looking to more effectively address the role of technology in the workplace and its impact on employees.”

Mercer Inc.

The ideas in Bring Your Human to Work are so powerful that not only did we buy 200 copies of the book so every one of our employees could read it, we also hired Erica to develop a program to specifically cater the message to our employees in two crucial customer facing roles. The feedback from everyone was dramatic about how they see a path to being more connected to their colleagues and their customers and thus being better at their jobs as well as liking them more.”

Revolution Prep

Erica is a thoughtful and inspiring speaker. She has a unique ability to connect with the audience, including a largely C-Suite audience, and inspire culture transformation offering a practical human roadmap to more meaningful work and an engaged workforce. Erica has a unique story-telling ability—she is engaging and human, yet her tactics are research based and actionable. I would recommend her highly to any company for a keynote, to facilitate a workshop or participate in a fireside chat”

Jodi Kovitz, Founder & CEO #movethedial

The truth is that nobody in the history of business has ever had to do what you’re being tasked with right now—to design a new way of working, essentially overnight. I know it’s scary, but wow. It’s not every day that you get a seat at the table, deciding the future of work. I hope you’ll take your seat alongside other leaders with the same challenges and aspirations.

Please join me and others just like you for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a new—truly human—way of doing business. We really are in this together.