Erica is a bestselling author and longtime partner with some of the biggest brands in business. And she can bring her wisdom to you and your company today. Help your employees bring their human to work, even when they can’t go to work. Erica’s popular keynotes, fireside chats and workshops are now available virtually. Sharing the science and stories of relationships and rituals at work, Erica will help you and your team with today’s challenges of onboarding, recruitment, engagement, retention and professional development.

  • How to Bring Your Human to Work Even When You Can’t Go to Work

    This keynote is based on Erica’s 25 years as a consultant for some of the most iconic brands in the world, as well as her recent research for her books on what makes a company more “human.” Sharing powerful case studies, Erica walks leaders and managers through her ten sure-fire ways to help them design a more human workplace. Even when they can’t go to work.

  • It’s Magic! How to Bring Rituals to Work in Turbulent Times

    This is Erica’s flagship keynote on how you and your company can improve performance through rituals—the tools of the human workplace. Invite Erica to be your guide in designing your own rituals roadmap. You’ll learn how to create and amplify the important, low-cost (even FREE), rituals that keep you and your team connected to yourselves, each other, and your company’s purpose and values. Discover for yourself how to transform your everyday routines into workplace magic.

  • Now What? How to Create a Post-Covid Hybrid Workplace

    Today’s leaders are charged with managing more stressed employees, less face-to-face access to those employees, and more urgent bottom-line concerns than ever before. This keynote takes leaders and managers through the top five ways to lead in the hybrid revolution that’s just around the corner: Begin and end with intention; take breaks; stay connected; give back; and have fun.

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