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3 ways to stay connected and not feel lonely by ‘bringing your human to work’ while working from home

What a difference a week makes. A month ago we could never have predicted the state of the world today — a global pandemic, sports games with no spectators, schools (including those of all three of my kids) having moved to remote learning…

Staying Human While Working From Home with Three Teenagers is NOT an Oxymoron

Welcome to Keswin Family Quarantine. Like many people, my husband and I are both working from home. Our girls, Julia and Caroline, are 17-year-old juniors in high school, navigating both online school and the college process. Daniel is a freshman in high school. And who could forget the family favorite, Cruiser, our labradoodle…

We Used to Hide Behind Our Screens — and Now They’re a Lifeline

My brother-in-law is a Rabbi. Two weeks ago, he held a zoom meeting with his team to update everyone on policies, protocols and how they were going to proceed in light of the coronavirus. They all did the work they needed to do, but also connected on a human level, sharing…

Remix: Generational Magic at Work and Around the Table (Ok, Boomer)

I know Thanksgiving is a couple days away, so you’re probably already obsessing about your menu, your travel plans, your hostess gifts or your nap. Or maybe you’re worrying about everyone getting along. As if political divisions aren’t enough, there’s this old-as-the-hills generational divide that’s taking on new life lately….

Sometimes Connecting Is More Valuable Than Cash: Bringing Our Sports Rituals To Work

Monday, August 26th.  Thursday, September 5th. Maybe these dates don’t mean much to you. But to our family they signal some of our favorite things—this year the US Open started on August 26th, and September 5th was the kickoff of football season. We’re big fans of rituals of every stripe, but sports rituals have a special place in our hearts….

The Welcome Wagon: Onboarding That Helps People Feel Connected

I remember getting ready for the first day of school like it was yesterday: Going shopping for my first pair of Jordache jeans. I thought long and hard about what I was going to wear on that first day, then I laid it out on my bed the night before while I packed my pencil case and lunch box….

11 tips to help you move on from a job rejection

It’s hard not to take job rejections, like any other form of rejection, personally. But separating yourself from the situation is the key to moving on after a job rejection says Erica Keswin, workplace strategist and author of “Bring Your Human to Work.”

3 Tips on How to Bring Your Human to Work, Every Day

Erica Keswin’s “Aha!” moment happened a decade ago on a Bermuda beach. She signed into work with her Blackberry, in a lounge chair and said out loud “This is the life!”. The ability to leverage technology – and in some cases leave it behind- in order to bring more personal meaning and human purpose to work is essential.

Taking Professional Development Personally: 3 Strategies for a Better ROI

When most managers think of professional learning and development, they think of opportunities for their direct reports to improve skills that will help them in their current jobs. After all, the company’s paying the bills, so it makes sense that managers will want to see results when the class is over or the conference attendee returns to his or her desk.

How to Use Technology at Work the Right Way

Ever gotten a Slack message from someone sitting 10 feet away and wondered why he couldn’t have just walked over? Or been in a meeting and caught colleagues surreptitiously tapping away at their phones under the table? Or, worse, found yourself getting distracted when your phone buzzes during a meeting, then being completely unprepared when your boss asks you a question?

Going To The Extreme: Gathering As An Art With Priya Parker

Are you the type of person who obsesses over guest lists for parties, girls’ weekends, or meetings at work? Are you losing sleep over who to invite, worried about alienating new friends or colleagues, but hesitant to mess with the tried-and-true dynamics you’ve grown to love/hate?