Erica Keswin

Clients & Testimonials

The ideas in Bring Your Human to Work are so powerful that not only did we buy 200 copies of the book so every one of our employees could read it, we also hired Erica to develop a program to specifically cater the message to our employees in two crucial customer facing roles. The feedback from everyone was dramatic about how they see a path to being more connected to their colleagues and their customers and thus being better at their jobs as well as liking them more.”

Revolution Prep

Erica provided unique and informative insights on the topic of time management in the digital world. I found her suggestions on taking back control of my professional and personal calendar to be both effective and empowering, and I continue to use much of her practical advice even months after attending her seminar. I highly recommend Erica’s approach for anyone who is looking to feel less stressed even while getting more accomplished.”

Apres Group

Erica has been an innovator in the human capital space for over 20 years. Her latest research into how technology is changing relationships, quality of life and employee engagement in the workplace is truly ground-breaking and is having a real impact on organizational performance. Erica has come up with a number of insightful approaches to help organizations address all aspects of the employee value proposition which includes retention, productivity and job satisfaction. I would highly recommend engaging Erica for any organization that is looking to more effectively address the role of technology in the workplace and its impact on employees.”

Mercer Inc.

In my 20+ years as an architect, creating spaces where people work, think, and interact, I have learned that what people value most in life are experiences and relationships. In our highly digitalized world, Erica brings a refreshing view to a central question: how can we align today’s technology with the social environment we’d like to create? Her stated aim, to help improve inter-human relationships in a digital world, is actually achieved in her workshops themselves! Just putting down our devices to exchange ideas isn’t an end unto itself, but it’s a very good start!”

A+I Architecture

Erica has dissected one of today’s most relevant topics and created an essential workshop to help us all stay “humanly” connected in our tech-filled lives. Her presentation on the impact of technology on relationships at our YPO Women’s Conference was exceptionally well received as the women learned how to navigate in today’s world both professionally and personally in a more thoughtful and connected way. She will enlighten any group!”

YPO Women’s Conference Leaning In

The workplace is changing with new faces, new technology, and new expectations. Few are better positioned to speak, write, and consult on the convergence of these forces than Erica Keswin. If you’re looking for a trusted advisor who can help you understand where things are and where they’re going in the new world of work, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Erica.”

Bloomberg LP