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Calling all CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, and job seekers!

You want to bring your human to work, but need a trusted guide to help you make it happen?

Erica helps companies and organizations bring their human to work in three ways (soon to be four—Get on the waitlist for the BYHTW Roundtable for Leaders Who Get It).

Real-Talk Keynotes

Transform your company's culture with one of Erica’s real-talk keynotes, offering a human roadmap for companies seeking a more meaningful and connected work life. Drawing of twenty-years of consulting and research, Erica's talks are an engaging mix of the science and stories of relationships at work.

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Bring it!

Bring Your Human to Work-Shops

Inspire your human workplace with a customized half-day BYHTWORK-SHOP combining one of Erica’s talks with a breakout session. Workshops begin in the morning and end with a spaghetti lunch (What’s with the Spaghetti, you ask? Check out Erica’s Spaghetti Project).

Work it!

Retreats for Leaders Who Get It

For serious, committed leaders at a fork in the road, Erica offers exclusive, custom retreats. In these one or two-day deep-dives, Erica provides the space, the spaghetti, and the method, and you bring the people who get it. And you leave with a totally bespoke action plan for change.


Real-Talk Keynotes

Dazzle your company with one of Erica’s real-talk keynotes

Bring Your Human to Work: Smart Companies Honor Relationships

This flagship talk is based on Erica’s twenty years as a consultant for some of the most iconic brands in the world, as well as her recent research for her book on what makes a company more “human.” Erica offers powerful case studies and walks leaders and managers through her ten sure-fire ways to help them design a more human workplace, which all comes down to one simple thing—honoring relationships.

Be Real: Speak in a Human Voice

The days of stiff corporate identity are (thankfully) over. For anyone and everyone running a business of any size and in any industry, this keynote offers unique and practical ways to connect with customers and employees in an authentic—and much more effective—voice.

Manage Millennials with Ease: Just Honor Relationships

For businesses who want to attract and retain early-career professionals, Erica offers innovative ways to honor relationships, which is critical for those who want to keep their business current, connected, and relevant to every generation. She helps leaders and managers understand the values that are most important to this generation and shows them how to cultivate a culture of diversity, inclusion, and flexible work practices.

The Three P’s to Honoring Relationships at Work (or Anywhere!)

In this hands-on break-out session for leaders who get it, Erica shares research-based, practical advice from her hundreds of case studies from leading “human” companies. She focuses on these three ways of honoring relationships in the workplace: PLANNING, POSITIONING and PROTOCOLS. Not only is honoring relationships good for people, and great for business, but it just might change the world.

Play the Long Game: Make Your Business Truly Sustainable

In today’s purpose-seeking economy, top talent and valuable customers are all demanding that businesses be held accountable for everything from environmental impact, to diversity, to flexible work. This keynote offers leaders and managers dynamic case studies and an actionable roadmap for investing in the long game.

Find the Sweet Spot: It’s Between Tech and Connect

This keynote is targeted to managers and leaders who find themselves up against the wall of the digital deluge, and want to make a change. Erica offers real-world case studies and shows people practical ways to find that sweet spot—leveraging all that’s great about technology, while at the same time learning how to disconnect to reconnect.

Truly Human Diversity and Inclusion Requires One Thing: Be Intentional

Study after study make it clear that truly diverse teams perform better than groups where everyone is cut from the same cloth. In this keynote, Erica calls upon her twenty years of research and consulting to help leaders bring all kinds of humans to their workplace. By focusing on intentional work practices—the how, when, and where employees contribute to a company's mission—leaders can develop a a truly diverse, and ultimately sustainable workforce.